Located in the heart of Edmonton, The Old Hammam & Spa gives you the chance to escape to a mini Mediterranean getaway, giving you the treatment of a Sultan. From the old ottoman style architecture, to the range of professional treatments and packages, this hidden gem will be sure to give you a luxurious, refreshing experience leaving you feeling brand new. Come in and let your journey begin today.

Dry Sauna

Benefits of a Dry Sauna include relaxation, better blood circulation, increased joint flexibility, relief of sore muscles, release of toxins, and feeling revitalised. Our Dry Sauna can accomodate approx. 15 people at a time, and rises to a maximum temperature of 85 degrees celsius.

Steam Room

A 15 minute treatment can relieve tension, reduce stress, clear the skin, open the sinuses, remove toxins, promote healthy blood flow, and aid weight loss. Our eucalyptus steam room can hold approx. 20 people and rises to a maximum of 45 degrees celsius.

Ice Room

The idea behind the Ice Room is to subject your body to temperature extremes which stimulates your circulation and oxygen intake. Gently apply the crushed ice crystals to waken your senses and firm the skin. Our Ice Room is -15 degrees celsius and can accomodate approx. 8 people.

Hammam Room

Also known as a Turkish Bath, our large traditional Hammam Room has 13 marble basins with hot and cold taps and individual gold bowls to douse yourself with water. The large heated marble platform where you can indulge in our authentic Peel and Foam treatment can accomodate approx. 4 people at a time.


Our revitalising shower area is equipped with three adjustable temperature showers, large head cold shower, and cold bucket. We also provide a variety of body wash and conditioning shampoo.

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Cold Bucket

Enjoy a refreshing plunge of cold water from our Cold Bucket - an abundance of ice cold water released from a pull of the rope to invigorate and energise. Perfect after a session in our Hammam, Dry Sauna or Steam Room.

Swimming Pool

Our 7.5m x 6.5m Swimming Pool is the perfect way to unwind or warm down after exercise or refresh yourself after a hard day’s work. The depth is 1.2m throughout, and is equipped with 2 hydro cannons. The rigorous high pressure jets massage your skin and stimulate your circulation.


Similar to our other facilities, our Spa can help to reduce stress, ease muscle pain and improve circulation. The combination of warm water and the jets create pressure which soothes muscles providing both pleasure and relief from aching joint/muscles. Our Spa is 5m x 2.5m and can hold approx. 15 people.

Communal Seating Area

Our heated marble seating area is an excellent place to either get into a calm frame of mind before using our facilites or enjoy the soporific effects of our rooms post-treatment. Refreshing ice cold water will regularly be served to you by one of our coordinators, and traditional music is played throughout.

Reception & Bar Area

Chill out and relax in our bar area - whether it's before or after using our facilities or just to pop in for a traditional Turkish tea. We serve a range of refreshments including a variery of hot, cold and detox drinks, as well as nibbles and snacks.

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