The Hammam is an ancient Turkish traditional method of bathing, using special techniques in the warmth of the Hammam Room to cleanse and exfoliate impurities from the body. This includes an all over scrub by our Tellak (therapist) with a kese mitt, followed by light foam massage. Our Hammam Room has 13 marble basins (kurna) each with an individual gold bowl (tas) to douse yourself with water, and a large heated marble platform (gobek tasi).

Turkish Bath Hammam / Hammam
Turkish Bath Hammam
Turkish Bath Hammam
What is a Hammam/Turkish Bath experience?

After showering, our guests must spend a minimum of 20-25 minutes in our Dry Sauna or Steam Room to relax the body, open up pores, and soften muscles. After laying face up on our heated marble platform, the therapist (Tellak) will scrub the front of the body (including the face), followed by the back of the body with an exfolioating kese mitt. The body is then doused with water. The 20 minute treatment ends with a full body, light foam massage.

What are the benefits of a Turkish Hammam?

The undeniable benefits of heat and relaxation you get from Hammam therapy mean there are few treatments in the world as effective as this. The healing properties and warmth of a traditional Hammam make it incredibly beneficial for both the mind and body. The Hammam’s heat opens the skins pores releasing toxins, bacteria and other impurities making it ready for the deep exfoliation. It is also known to ease breathing as it opens the airways and has a deep cleansing and decongesting effects on both sinuses and the bronchial tubes. We also provide a calming foam massage on heated marble using special 100% natural soaps (original, rose, olive, lavender, lilac and camomile).

Why have a Turkish Hammam treatment regularly?
  • Regular Hammam treatments combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise will help you lose weight, and stay fit and healthy.

  • Restores good health through the elimination of toxins by regular sweating.

  • It burns about 300 calories per an average session.

  • Heals sleeping disorders, particularly through over excitability, poor skin circulation, dry, chapped skin, muscular tension, muscular weakness in the subcutaneous blood vessels, and sensitivity to sudden changes of temperature.

  • The Hammam enhances circulation and oxygenates the cells, tissue and organs.

  • One of the best therapies for fighting the stress and tension we suffer generally day to day.

  • The skin eliminates impurities and becomes clear, elastic and soft.

  • Effective against Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, coughs, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract and hoarseness.

Traditional Kese Mitts and Hammam Soap are available to purchase at the reception. Please ask a member of staff for details.